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Gray Lollie Wrap baby carrier.
Front is made of a jersey cotton knit, making it strong while keeping it lightweight.
Back is a moisture wicking polyester/spandex blend.

Comfortable hands-free snuggling, keeping them close.

Gray Lollie Wrap


    Lollie Wraps are made of  a cotton/polyester blend for the front, and a poly/spandex blend for the back.

  • Reviews

    This is the best wrap. I’m really short (5’1”) and other wraps either feel like the baby is sitting too low or there’s too much fabric all over the place. I use this one with my infant niece, and I wish I would’ve had one when my own kids were babies. My niece loves being able to still see what’s going on around her, and I love that she isn’t always sitting in a dirty shopping cart. And of course, we both love the snuggles.


    Michaela G   We love the Lollie Wrap! It's so easy to use and doesnt require an excessive amount of instructions just to figure out how to put it on. My little girl will sleep for hours while she's in it and it doesn't make me hot or hurt my back. The wrap has been so easy to use since the day we brought our little one home. It does a great job of making you feel that baby is secure with their legs tucked in or hanging out once they get older. Definitely would recommend!

    Jordan W
    I originally got my wrap at a baby fair months before my baby was due. When she finally came I went to use it and realized I was missing the scarf piece. I contacted them mainly just looking for a way to purchase the missing piece. I got a response the same day and a new one mailed to me a few days later. I was wanting a wrap that would be comfy and functional and this one fits that to a T. I am in love with this product and extremely impressed with their customer service. I will be recommending to others!

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